Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Detroiters continue to resist Emeregency Management

Peace all, It's an honor to share that we've added two new articles, by Dr. John Telford and Bill Wylie-Kellermann, to the Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management site. Please share widely and sign-on to the People's Declaration of Detroit's State of Emergency. Respect, ~Gregg

Fascism & Classism in Detroit and Lansing
By Dr. John Telford

Author, Poet, and Superintendent of the Detroit Public Schools, June 14, 2012 – March 29, 2013

Fascism & classism
Are nearly clearly the same crime.
Therefore I say that since they may,
They clearly nearly need to rhyme!

The 1999 state takeover of Detroit’s public schools spearheaded a horrifying assault on Detroit voters’ rights which has culminated in local and federal judicial collusion in the gangster banksters’ repressive theft of Michigan’s largest city and its precious assets fifteen years later—but nationally, this is only the opening volley of an extraordinarily virulent fusillade of neo-fascism.  Along with other Michigan school districts with overwhelmingly black and brown student populations, it is a matter of casual fact that the public schools in Detroit have long been egregiously under-funded vis-à-vis the Detroit metropolitan area’s white suburban districts. Read on:

Detroit: Coming to a City Near You
By Bill Wylie-Kellermann

Pastor, St Peter’s Episcopal Church – Detroit
This article will appear in the January issue of the Catholic Worker.

Christ drove the money lenders out of the Temple. But today nobody dares to drive the money lenders out of the Temple…because the money lenders have taken a mortgage on the Temple. -Peter Maurin, Easy Essays

Let me tell you about a new form of urban fascism, one which is the template for direct corporate rule. Though it comports fully with what is happening in most of the global south, this despotism called emergency management is being deployed in Michigan, and Detroit is its major test ground. Since March of 2013 we have been living under a non-elected government thoroughly allied with the banks and corporations. Read on:

Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management
Stand with Detroit! sign-on and share the
People's Declaration of Detroit's State of Emergency

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