Sunday, November 4, 2012

If Prop 1 falls, Gov. Snyder needs to call off his dogs and make way for the will of the people

Sometime soon after Tuesday, Election Day 2012, if things go as they appear to be going and Prop 1 is defeated, I plan to go to Lansing to lobby with the Legislature and directly with Governor Snyder to urge him to call off his dogs. But if he doesn't, then not only do we need to organize sit-ins outside his office, we also will get United States Attorney Eric Holder or one of his top assistants in here pronto.  

This unconstitutional disenfranchisement of Detroit voters has gone way too far, and the 13-year-long so-called "reform" movement (that was entirely unnecessary at the outset ) has been an abject disaster for our city and our schoolchildren - not to mention being blatantly discriminatory and now even thievish of the bricks, mortar, grounds, and equipment of 15 of our public schools, including my alma mater and two high schools where I coached.   

If this criminality persists beyond  Tuesday then someone needs to go to jail.  If they don't back off  in accord with the will of the people then those corporate-collusive crocodiles in Lansing will once again be disregarding and defying U.S. Constitutional law, plain and simple.    

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